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Process Overview


Construction has always been at the heart of PTCO operations. We have been setting the standards of excellence for construction and this is made possible by our un-inhibited faith in resource planning & mobilization, construction, planning, high regard for job quality, and stringent safety practices. PTCO has a highly skilled and experienced team capable of organizing, scheduling, and integrating all the individual elements of the project. We follow a task force-based approach for the execution of our projects. The team assigned to the projects are responsible for establishing priorities, taking full advantage of available resource, and identifying issues before they become problems. Such tracking is facilitated by using tools like Primavera or MS Project. This approach enables the clients to maintain steady control of the various elements of the contract while providing a holistic view of the project.

Our network of construction resources and knowledge of local and international regulations and construction codes allow us to efficiently mobilize equipment and the reconstruction team’s workforce under adverse conditions and trifling situations. PTCO supports plant commissioning by deputing a dedicated commissioning team as per contractual obligation or as per client’s requirements. The commissioning team is headed by a commissioning engineer who is supported by process engineers, operators, experts in critical equipment, and work crews. As needed, an expert from the process licensor also joins the team.

Pre Commissioning Test

The pre-commissioning test comes as the most critical stage before commissioning. Our engineers are trained to take utmost care by taking detailed notes on every feature of the plant during pre-commissioning. To tackle critical machinery and equipment, PTCO takes extra precautions by deputing the manufacturer’s engineers to test the machinery before taking them online.


Prior to start-ups, classroom training is provided for better orientation of client personnel. In addition, HAZOP review, trial of critical equipment, and alterations in the control system if required are completed. As the plant is taken on steam, the operators are provided hands-on training and the various aspects of the operations are also emphasized to them.

Documentation & Handover

On successful commissioning, the final documentation is prepared, and a comprehensive report on commissioning, process data verification, plant performance evaluation, and guarantee trial data & report is submitted during the project take-over by the client. The process and project group provides backup and troubleshooting services during the post-commissioning period from our EPC center.


PTCO had always felt the need for its own fabrication facility in order to meet strict quality standards and time constraints. With this, in view, PTCO established a state-of-the-art workshop adjoining the EPC center. The workshop has all the facilities expected of a modern and capable fabrication unit. Due to extreme demand in recent years, PITCO has also extended its workshop facilities to cope with the fabrication requirements for the present projects.