Production Trippel Contracting Company (PTCO) is a duly registered Engineering and Construction Establishment with C.R. No. 1010418944 . It has been established as a Maintenance, Contracting, and Fabrication plant at Al-Fozan Industrial Area in Sulay, as the base of our field operations and in Laban District as our main headquarters.

PTCO commenced its maintenance and contracting business , focus and concentrated on the following fields, such as: Construction and Steel, Electro-Mechanical Works, Safety & Security, Water & Environment, and Operations& Maintenance in the Middle East.

Industry Experience

Safe Work Policy

Timeline Commitment

Quality Control

Experienced Staff

Professional Behavior

Industrial Services

In-Plant & Field Piping Installation

Pressure Vessel, Tanks Fabrication

Storage Tanks Fabrication
(Stainless Steel and Carbon Steel)

Tank Erection
All Types

Construction Services

Structural Construction

Reverse Osmosis System & Sewage System

FTTH, FTTM & Underground Cable Installation

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Electromechanical Services

PTCO's 2 Decades of Experience

We are ready to take up any industrial project in our services areas

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