Production Trippel Contracting Company (PTCO) is a duly registered Engineering and Construction Establishment with C.R. No. 7004188525. It has been established as a Maintenance, Contracting, and Fabrication plant at Al-Fozan Industrial Area in Sulay, as the base of our field operations and in Laban District as our main headquarters.

PTCO commenced its maintenance and contracting business , focus and concentrated on the following fields, such as: Construction and Steel, Electro-Mechanical Works, Safety & Security, Water & Environment, and Operations& Maintenance in the Middle East.

In a very short time, PTCO has developed strong ties with a number of reputed clients by delivering excellent quality products at competitive prices. PTCO’s strict policy of meeting customer’s delivery target dates has also contributed a great share to the present success of the company.

Our quality will depend largely on our ability to unleash people’s potential and to attract and develop the right caliber of technical and managerial staff. We will continue to pursue new business opportunities while expanding our core activities by forward integration or by acquisition of companies in the areas where we have synergies.

Objectives & Strategic Plans

Company Motivation

Any company trying to compete must figure out a way to engage the mind of every employee. Jack Welch of General Electric once said: “Much of a company’s value lies ‘between the ears of its employees’. If it is bleeding talent, it’s bleeding value. Unfortunately, many senior executives are busy traveling the world, signing new deals, and developing a vision for the company, and have little idea of what may be going on at home. That deep within an organization that otherwise does all the right things, one man could be driving its best people away.

Organizational Structure

Industry Experience

Safe Work Policy

Timeline Commitment

Quality Control

Experienced Staff

Professional Behavior

Quality Policy

PTCO Quality Policy is to achieve sustained, profitable growth by manufacturing and fabrication of CS and SS products of the finest quality that consistently satisfies the needs and expectations of its customer.

This level of quality is achieved through the adoption of a system that reflects the competence of HORIZON to existing and potential customers.

Achievement is the policy that involves all staff members, who are individually responsible for the quality of their work, resulting in a continually improving working environment for all.

To achieve and maintain the required level of assurance; the management retains responsibility for the Quality Management System with routine operations controlled by the Quality Manager.

Safety Program

PTCO is committed to preventing accidents. The management of PTCO is highly visible and expects that we will provide an accident-free work environment. We have professionally qualified and well experience safety officers to train our employees to prevent of accidents.

Our safety officer conducts daily” Tool Box Meeting” before the commencement of work/job and provides PPE to all our employees. The company trains employees to do their jobs correctly, with an emphasis on quality, productivity, cost control, and safety.

Everyone, including employees and managers, is evaluated on their attitude and effectiveness in preventing accidents. Individuals with a poor safety history or attitude are not retained.